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Welcome to Realizing The Change Foundation website


Dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities.

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Let the Work Continue

Preserving History

In an age of modern construction, it is important to keep essential parts of our collective history.

A Place and Space to Realize Positive Change


Realizing The Change Foundation is helping to restore and renovate a historic building AND it is working with others to fill that building with services to our community

Thoughts & Visions of one of our members ...


It was embedded in my mind to refrain from thinking of this structure as a church.


Knowing the rich history of the Founders Building, its preservation is carved within my heart.


However, what is "old" can become "new" by realizing a change.  In a throw-away-world we are recycling, restoring, rejuvenating, revitalizing life in the Village Wappingers Falls.


Silently the old building sits, darkness in every room, there is chill in the air and it is a lonesome spirit.  Hark! Change is coming----realizing the change is our mission to invite you to join us with ideas, donations, encouragement, prayer, participation, etc.


Jacqueline Harper

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