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About Us


Realizing The Change Foundation is helping to restore and renovate a historic building in Wappingers Falls, AND it is working with others to fill that building with services to our community.

Support Realizing The Change Foundation

When completed, the building at 2611 South Avenue, Wappingers Falls, NY will be a fully functioning community center serving a wide range of community needs.


The power of caring is immense, and YOU hold the key.  Your kind and generous tax-deductible contribution to Realizing the Change Foundation helps to further the mission of changing lives.

Make your check payable to:

Realizing The Change Foundation

2611 South Avenue

Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

              A Place to Serve               

Preserving a Historical Building


In an age of modern construction, it is important to keep essential parts of our collective history of what the men and women built before us.  The Franklindale Baptist Church built in 1843 by people of faith, is a beautiful representation of the best of the American Spirit and our community.


In tracing the building’s history, you can appreciate the precision placement of every brick by hand.  The forethought in handwritten plans and simple tools constructed a building to stand for over 170+years.  From the black and white picture from 1906, you can imagine how beautifully it towered over the neighborhood.  The donation of land and money for the church’s original construction by Benjamin Clapp is a mere glimpse of the character of the Wappingers community from years past.

The Building Now and Into the Future


Buildings such as this unlock the past, and promote respect for those who lived before and all those on whose shoulders we stand.


Our restoration will focus on strengthening the integrity of the roofing, and removing old paint and woods.  The inner building will be modernized to serve as a gathering place, and site for programs reaching those most in need.  The building will be used by multiple groups dedicated to the betterment of our community.


If you want your donation to target the building, check Building Restoration in the donation section.

Architectural Drawings of Renovated Founders' Building

Basement Level
First Floor
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